Men`s group facilitator bootcamp

Men's group facilitator bootcamp

Turn your Men’s Group into a powerhouse for personal growth!

Unleash the power of effective facilitation for lasting impact.

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Has your Men’s Group descended into a tea party?

Getting tired of the endless sharings?

Longing for that masculine edge again?


With over 30 years of experience in menswork we have some ideas:

This is the Men’s Group Facilitator Bootcamp

“Honesty over Harmony”

That will build your confidence to lead a men’s group in a solid and authentic way.
You’ll be invited to stretch your comfort zone and step into true leadership.
This might hurt a little bit...


Building and upholding a solid container for your men’s group to enable growth and the opportunity to sink deeper in your masculine essence.

With loving yet honest support from the training facilitators, you will learn to truly navigate on your own gut. Even if your current ability to facilitate isn't quite up to par...

There might be a lack of confidence or a little fear of being blown away by other men or similar undermining mindfucks.

Or just the simple belief: “I don’t know how to do this!”

But the thing is...


Starting the journey to become a solid Men’s Group Facilitator isn't about having all the answers; it's about having the courage to initiate and reflect your truth regardless of uncertainties.

we think the world is in desperate need of men who are willing to step up their game. Men who aren't afraid to take the lead and set a kick-ass example for their fellow brothers.

A genuine leader is dedicated to the success of others, actively working to foster a space where everyone can rock and roll, sink deeper in their essence and shine bright!

Do you feel that calling?

Are you truly willing to set yourself aside for the benefits of others...

Are you ready to bring your true self, despite the discomfort...

Are you willing to go first...

Then this Men’s Group Facilitator Bootcamp is for you.


In this Bootcamp we will cover...

  • Building and upholding a group container.
  • Navigating your own truth.
  • The power of rituals.
  • Format, structure and agenda.
  • Supporting others in speaking their truth.
  • How to turn drama into a valuable growing opportunity.
  • The importance of awareness.
  • Cultivating YOUR specific facilitator super power.

... and much more

For instance:
how to deal with unexpected situations or you being triggered immensely yourself...

We’ll be lovingly, yet honestly supporting you on the way.

Embracing sincere and caring feedback accelerates your growth journey and you’ll need that to be able to support others. It can be uncomfortable and even a bit painful, but it saves you so much time and life energy...

We got you.

So who are we?


Ey, I’m Hajee Pepping !

I’m the founder of Mankracht, a personal development company that has been supporting men in stepping into their fullest potential since 2015.

I’m an experienced workshop leader through my work with Mankracht, Maniphesto, and the corporate world. I’m also a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach, an ACT therapist, and a presentation coach. I’ve worked with 1000+ men in both group- and 1:1 settings.

My mission is to create a trail of men's groups full of powerful, loving men. I’m passionate about creating safe containers for the men in my coaching and training programs.

I’m direct, challenging, and lovingly raw, relying on my sensitive BS detectors to go straight to the core. With my down-to-earth approach and a strong sense of humor, I support you in becoming the best facilitator you can be.


Hi, I’m Niels Pilaar!

You want to lead men’s groups? Then let me ask you this: do you know yourself to the core? Because if you don’t, you become a pawn in the hands of those you should be leading. I learned that the hard way during my 37 years of being a CEO in the corporate world.

My own journey of knowing myself has brought me three main discoveries so far:
1) how my childhood traumas play out in my life
2) the things that give me a deep sense of meaning and joy. I call it my bliss
3) my mastery: that place in between trapezes, where life calls you out, where it is scary, dangerous, dark, exhilarating, extremely intense and extremely rewarding in the end.

The work done in men’s groups has always been essential to me throughout all these discoveries - especially the sincerity that creates both safety and challenge at the same time. With more than 25 years of experience in being in and facilitating men’s groups I love to share my experience with the next generation.


What does the sign up process look like?

The Mankracht Men’s Group Facilitator Bootcamp is a premium, application-only program. It is highly recommended to have done the Men's Presenter Bootcamp or something equivalent.

(If you do not have that experience, no worries, we will discuss it during the intake interview)

After clicking that button, you’ll be filling in a quick application form.

Then you’re invited for a 30-minute interview with Hajee or Niels.

This is to see if the Men’s Group Facilitator Bootcamp is right for you (and to prepare you for what’s to come).


Practical info


Start time: 24 Octoberl 2024, 6 pm
End time: 27 October 2024, 4 pm


Het Grote Huis Welna
Korrenbergweg 2, 8162 PC Epe
The Netherlands

Group size:

The maximum number of participants is 12.


Price: €995,-
Prices include VAT for private participants and exclude VAT for business participants.
Prices include the training, food, and accommodation. Payment plans are available. Ask during the interview.


One final note:

It’s up to you if you will tolerate another year of mediocre men’s group participation and/or facilitation.

Or you can simply get in responsibility mode and become the next kick-ass leader that takes your men’s group to the next level.

Trust your gut.

What does it tell you?